CCSU Pipeline or Central Connecticut university’s prime desire to prepare the students for facing the world i.e more responsible, thoughtful and successful. CCSU pipeline is providing scholarships and fee waivers for students who play the key role in building tomorrow’s world.

ccsu pipeline

CCSU pipeline gives more priority to thinkers and youth above everything. We are affiliated to the Association of American colleges and universities. Connecticut university provides a wide range of courses, as of now we are providing about 100 majors in more than 80 fields. Students are pretty much encouraged to do research on their field of study. In addition to these, we also conduct various cultural as well as sports activities during the academic calendar. We are connected to more than 70 international universities and we are also well in touch with almost all universities in America. Our motto is to “start with a dream. Finish with a future”. CCSU opens a wide window of knowledge to you.


Here is the list of academic schools that comes under CCSU pipeline.

Carol a. Ammon College of Liberal Arts & Social sciences

Carol a. Ammon College of liberal arts and social sciences offers bachelor’s degree in arts and science. The university helps the student to excel in the field of law and medicine.

School of Business

School of Business is another school which comes under CCSU pipeline. The school offers bachelor’s program in business administration. School of business enhances your child’s business skills and mold them with the required leadership skills. This degree enables you to run and manage any business.

School of Engineering, Science & Technology

School of Engineering, Science and Technology is one of the best schools which comes under CCSU Pipeline. The school was given ” center of excellence ” by the state of Connecticut. School mainly focuses on the field of technology, research and engineering. A student who passes from School of Engineering, Science and Technology will be quite strong in academics as well as practical skills.

School of Graduate Studies

School of graduate studies focuses much on professionalism, the school is pretty known for producing skilled professionals. School of graduate studies provides both masters as well as bachelor’s degrees. . We also offer graduate courses which are master of arts in teaching, master of science; master of arts,  MBA; sixth-year certificates in mathematics, in educational leadership  in reading and an edd in educational leadership.

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